O & M Services For Petroleum Equipments
  • Gas turbines
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Spare Parts supplying
  • Cleaning Chemicals for Gas Turbines & Compressor

SOUTHWEST in co-operate with our partner - WOODGROUP GAS TURBINES SERVICES to supplying O&M services all of TB-5000 Gas Turbines Fleets in Vietnam:

  • 2 Units of TB-5000 Gas Turbines for Vietsovpetro JV in MSP-8 & MSP-9
  • Overhaul C services for 2 Unite of TB-5000 Gas Turbines for PVEP / Dai Hung Submersible Oil Production Facilities
SOUTHWEST also in partnership with ALLENGEAR SERVICES LIMITED engaged and supplying the New Gear-Boxes and overhauling services to Gear-Box for Gas Turbines of VIETSOVPETRO (2010)
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